Sergei stares at me with his eyes wide open. Actually, he doesn’t see me; he can’t. I didn’t kill him, speaking strictly, or the others. They were already dead, some hours before I found them wandering the streets of the small town where I am.

With some effort, I pull out the axe from his head and prepare myself for a new attack. However, it doesn’t come. Somehow I’d managed to finish with all those creatures.

I smile, victoriously.

Then, when I look my left hand, my smile becomes a grimace. I’d been bitten.

I’m doomed.

Xavier makes its appearance (now, it’s too late) running from the corner of a nearby building. I know if he’s aware of my wound, there won’t be mercy or compassion. I wouldn’t have any of it.

He comes by my side, making a victory gesture. As if he’d done something. I point behind him and, even there’s nothing, he turns to check.

I drive the axe into his skull. Self-defense. After all, he would kill me if he could.

This time I’m not capable of taking back the axe before Andy and Jules see me. They look me and later watch the inanimate corpse of Xavier. Jules is carrying a gun and, if being not as stupid, he would shoot me on sight.

He doesn’t do it; wants to know what was happened. And he will.

I pick his weapon and move behind him. Shoot two times to Andy, who already started realizing what took place. Now, I aim with the gun to Jules’ head. He doesn’t dare to turn around. It’s the same for me.

I pull the trigger.

At this time, the pain comes to me. It’s a pain harder than any I ever feel. My mind’s obscuring, trying to cover my senses with the cape of unconscious.

No! I’m gonna live!

I feel stronger than the infection. I defeat it. Nothing can ends with me, not even the intense hungry I’m feeling. Jules is still warmed; I feel that while biting him. His dense, warm blood is covering all my face.

Yes, I am a survivor. And I will be, no matter what it takes.