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The English version of my third published novel, Masacre en Nueva York, can be obtained digitally, only for a limited time (until its paperback version becomes available) at the Smashword site. And, from now until October 10, using the code UH53W you will obtain a discount of 50%.

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But, what is A Slaughter in New York? It’s a hardboiled, noir nouvelle, starring detective Cutfield; an investigator who won’t hesitate breaking any rules to achieve his goal.

After a girl related with the Mayor is found murdered, his assistant hires detective Cutfield, a former police, to conduct the case. However, what it began as a serial-murder case becomes more complicated when blackmail and prostitution make their appearance.

A quick-read short novel full of action, intrigue and, why not to confess it, a lot of bad words.


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To read the free short story «A Rescue», starring detective Cutfield

The booktrailer (with English subtitles)